Helpful summer safety tips

Infants, toddlers and young children (ages 0 to 5 years) are generally not aware of dangers around them and depend on adults to keep them safe. During warm weather, take steps to prevent falls from windows, keep children safe in cars and encourage water safety, especially around pools. Simple safety steps can prevent injury. Continue reading

Smoking Cessation

Tobacco use is the most common preventable cause of death. About half of the people who don’t quit smoking will die of smoking-related problems. Quitting smoking is important for your health and provides many benefits. Soon after you quit, your circulation begins to improve, and your blood pressure starts to return to a normal level. Your sense of smell and taste return and breathing starts to become easier. In the long term, giving up tobacco can help you live longer. Your risk of getting cancer decreases with each year you stay smoke-free. Quitting is not easy, though. You may have … Continue reading