Babies Need Books

Summertime has always been a time for catching up with reading. We read at the beach and sitting in the sun in our backyard or on the fire escape; we read on trains and planes on our vacation travels; and children have reading assignments over the summer holiday from school. Summer can be a wonderful time to introduce your very young child to the joy of reading. Reading to young children, starting with infants just a few weeks old, can have a significant impact on future learning. Reading can be a time of closeness between adult and child, building trust, comfort, and long-term good memories. Continue reading

Chinatown to Have Reading Room in Early 2012

As Chinatown continues its search for a permanent cultural center for the neighborhood, plans are in place to set up a reading room and pilot program in Oak Terrace for early 2012. The Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC) has agreed to allow for the reading room to be located in the Oak Terrace Community Room, a 700 square foot space. Continue reading