Film screening raises awareness for 2011 Japan tsunami victims

The juxtaposition of turmoil caused by a tsunami and the beauty of cherry blossoms was central to the film “The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom,” which was screened at fundraising event Tsunami + Sandy + Deep Water Horizon at Dorchester’s Hancock 309 Gallery on March 2. The film screening is part of a month-long event that features an art exhibition, auction, music, discussions and vigil to highlight the victims of the tsunami who are still affected. Continue reading

The significance of expanded learning time

As a lifelong resident of Chinatown, I consider my upbringing similar to other kids in the neighborhood. My parents worked tirelessly, anywhere from restaurant kitchens to grimy basements, to pay the bills and keep food on the table. More often than not, my siblings and I were coerced into “job-shadowing” when neighbors and relatives were unavailable to babysit. Eventually, my parents decided to enroll us in an after-school program. What initially started as a reprieve from my parents’ busy work schedules turned out to be the most formative years of my childhood. Continue reading