To Praise or Not to Praise?

It is very common these days to hear parents saying, “Good job!” to their young children for everything from putting their hats on, to eating their dinner, to cleaning up their toys. Not all observers of behavior find this useful. Alfie Kohn, who has studied motivation and punishment in schools and in the corporate world, has found that praise of this sort often backfires, creating children (and in comparable situations, adults) who are afraid to try things they think they may fail at. Praise, it turns out, may do more harm than good. Continue reading

College Fair Provides Insight into Higher Education Possibilities

On March 30, the Asian American Civic Association (AACA) hosted seven local colleges and universities, as well as an educational documentation agency, in a college fair aimed at showcasing the kinds of education the organization’s Next Steps Transitional English Program (STEP) students can look forward to after graduating. More than 70 students attended. Continue reading

What does Self-Esteem mean to you?

“I think Self-Esteem depends on what kind of person you are. I think everybody should have some sort of good self-esteem because it affects how a person thinks, does things, reacts to things, etc. For some people, it is more hard-work. For others it is more on doing something you like. For others it’s based on who you are as a person, whether you are a [good person or a bad person]. Everybody takes pride in self-esteem because it represents, who you are as a person that makes you special.” — By Kevin Huang, AACA Youth Council Leader “I think … Continue reading