To Praise or Not to Praise?

It is very common these days to hear parents saying, “Good job!” to their young children for everything from putting their hats on, to eating their dinner, to cleaning up their toys. Not all observers of behavior find this useful. Alfie Kohn, who has studied motivation and punishment in schools and in the corporate world, has found that praise of this sort often backfires, creating children (and in comparable situations, adults) who are afraid to try things they think they may fail at. Praise, it turns out, may do more harm than good. Continue reading

The Special Medical Edition

The Sampan’s special medical edition is out on stands now! As part of the newspaper’s ongoing efforts to provide the Asian American community with health and healthcare information, this edition covers all three of the Sampan’s areas of concern: Obesity, Diabetes and Smoking Cessation. In addition to information on quitting smoking, eating a better diet and new diabetes research, a few of Sampan’s columnists have written informative pieces on their areas of expertise and links to healthcare. We hope you find the Sampan’s medical edition useful! Click on the sections you’d like to look at! Please follow and like us:

Babies Shouldn’t Smoke!

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? We’d never give a cigarette to a baby! But infants and toddlers who live with smokers suffer from many problems that are just as bad as if they were smoking themselves. Children’s bodies are smaller and developing, which makes cigarette smoke more dangerous to them than to an adult. And infants and toddlers breathe faster than adults. That means they are taking in more smoke per minute than the person smoking the cigarette! Continue reading