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Thanks to the support of our many readers, subscribers and volunteers, the Sampan has continued to be an integral part of the Asian American community in the Greater Boston area since 1972. We attribute our success to our volunteers who, amid their busy schedules, dedicate their time, energy and creativity to our publication. As we strive to be the voice of the Asian American population in Metro Boston, we need your help to make that happen. You can help by becoming a contributing writer, a volunteer, subscribing to the Sampan and/or making a donation today.

Becoming a Contributing Writer

As a contributing writer, you will work with the editors to discuss writing or reporting projects, which cover topics germane to the Asian American population of the greater Boston area. Examples of these topics are: immigration, employment, culture and education. The Sampan features two language sections: Chinese and English. To become a contributing writer for the Chinese section, you need to be fluent in Chinese (Mandarin and/or Cantonese) and English, and have strong Chinese writing skills. You should be able to type Chinese characters. To become a contributing writer for the English section, you need to have strong writing skills.

The Sampan will be happy to assist students to obtain academic credits.

If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer, please submit your resume to the Sampan’s Editor Ling-Mei Wong at [email protected].

Becoming a Volunteer

The Sampan could not have stood for more than 30 years without the overwhelming support from our dedicated volunteers. At the Sampan, we want to provide a joyful experience for our volunteers, many of whom come in with a desire to share their professional skills, apply their language skills and serve the Asian American community.

We, the Sampan staff, are therefore committed to put the skills and talents of our volunteers to good use. Our past and present volunteers have helped us in a multitude of capacities: writing, reporting, editing, translating, designing, brainstorming, billing and conducting market research. The Sampan has thus become a training ground for aspiring writers, reporters, photographers and business professionals. Many of our past volunteers had honed their professional skills, found their calling or became published writers as a result of working with the Sampan.

If you are interested in writing, editing, translating, graphic design or photography, please contact us at [email protected] to find out how you can contribute to the Sampan’s editorial department.

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