Delicious small bites from Hawaii

Hawaii offers beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. It also boasts can’t-miss delicious snacks and desserts.

Manupua, Hawaiian barbecue pork buns. (Image courtesy of Connie Wang.)

This is the Hawaiian version of the Chinese char siu bao or barbecue pork bun. This popular savory treat comes with various fillings; such as char siu, curry chicken, plain chicken and kalua pork. These particular ones are baked; however, they can also be steamed.

Malasada, Portuguese dessert puffs. (Image courtesy of Connie Wang.)


This fluffy, sweet Portuguese dessert is a classic for anyone with a sweet tooth and doughnut craving. Like Mike’s Pastry of Boston, fans line up out the door. This delicious fried treat comes rolled in various kinds of coatings (sugar being the original), and with or without filling. Fillings may include custard, chocolate (dobash) or coconut (haupia).

Poke with shoyu (left) and Hawaiian seasoning. (Image courtesy of Connie Wang.)


Poke (pronounced “poh-kay”) is composed of raw fish and Asian-inspired seasonings, perfect for foodies who love sushi. Fish types may include octopus, tuna and salmon. Poke tastes refreshing, chewy and soft. We sampled two types of raw tuna. The first one had a shoyu seasoning with green and white onions, sesame oil and soy sauce. The second one had Hawaiian seasoning, which was lighter in taste.

Spam musubi. (Image courtesy of Connie Wang.)


This simple combination of Spam, rice and seaweed is perfect for walking at the beach or relaxing at a cafe. Musubis can also be made with hot dog, fried chicken, seafood or avocado. As a tasty and convenient staple snack product, these are available in grocery stores and local tourist shops.

Shaved mango and pineapple ice. (Image courtesy of Connie Wang.)

Shaved ice

This is a love-at-first-taste treat. Shaved ice is a mouthwatering, fruity dessert for sultry weather. We ordered a shaved ice composed of vanilla ice cream, mango syrup, mochi and fresh pineapple. This treat is made with various fruit and toppings.

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